Saturday, July 3, 2021
1425 W. Southern Avenue, Mesa 85202
(Fiesta Mall)
9:00 – 9:30 pm

Tune in to KOOL FM 94.5 for music during the fireworks!
To limit car battery usage, use your cell phone or a battery-operated radio to listen.

For the health and safety of everyone in attendance, it is imperative that guests follow all directions and regulations provided.

2021 Event Map


Please park as specifically directed by Mesa Police and the event security team. This is to provide physical distancing, but also to maintain quick entrance/exit and safety for all attendees.

We ask that you remain in the empty spot, generally on the passenger side of your vehicle, whenever possible so that each group of guests has their own area for watching the fireworks.

Please note that space is limited. Parking lot will open at 7 pm on July 3.


The parking lots will be active with cars throughout the event and not brightly lit. Please watch children at all times.

What items can I bring to the event?

You are welcome to have food (no grills or heating equipment), drinks (non-alcoholic) especially water, chairs, and blankets. There will be no vendors at the event.

*Please be courteous and clean-up any trash in your area when the event is over.

Will there be restrooms available?

Yes, there will be portable restrooms available in each parking lot nearest the mall ring road. 

What items will I be prohibited from bringing into the event?

  • Please leave your pets at home
  • NO Pop-up tents or canopies
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Glass bottles
  • NO Grills or heating equipment for cooking food
  • NO Contraband or illegal substances
  • NO Firearms/Weapons of any kind
  • NO Fireworks/Sparklers/Firecrackers
  • NO Laser Pointers
  • NO Motorized carts or scooters (unless ADA approved)
  • NO Clothing with gang signs/symbols OR of particular colors worn in combination with known gang signs or symbols
  • NO Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors
  • NO bicycle riding within the event area

Is smoking or vaping allowed?

No. Per Mesa City Code 6-11-4 “No person shall smoke or vape in any public place when the public gathers together for any purpose or event.”

Respect all safety barriers.

Please stay away from the firing site.

If unexploded fireworks fall to the ground, do not touch them, keep away, and contact police or fire who are on site.

We have taken enhanced safety precautions and provided a safe venue for all of our citizens to enjoy the 2021 Arizona Celebration of Freedom fireworks show. By attending the fireworks show, you voluntarily assume the risk of injury to yourself or to your property.

We have also taken enhanced health and safety steps and we ask that you follow our instructions.